Association Française de Thérapie Crânio-Sacrale Biodynamique (AFTCSB)
Association Française de Thérapie Crânio-Sacrale Biodynamique (AFTCSB)

Where can I learn to become a cranio sacral therapist ?


Currently there are few accredited official schools in France, however for the moment 'Body Intelligence' runs a course in Toulouse and one in Paris for those of you wanting to become practitioners.

There website is for further information.



How can I become a member of the association?



If you are a qualified practitioner of cranio-sacral therapy and would like to join us you will benefit from insider info on workshops and events related to cranio-sacral therapy in France, gain web visibility and credibility and have access to support and advise from our team.


Please flll in the form on our contact page (in English or French) and we will get back to you.

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